No matter how you say it, the bottom line is we believe that you will never get more out ccfp-fparticle-org-sm.pngof something than you put into it. CCFP Springfield Missouri is privelaged to take part in an important system that invests in the nutrition and diet of our young people.

The Child Care Food Program is a reimbursement program for licensed day care/group home providers. It is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture and managed and directed by the Missouri Department of Health. The CCFP Springfield Missouri program is sponsored by the Council of Churches of the Ozarks, a non-profit organization.

The Child Care Food Program can help you serve nutritious meals and snacks and improve the diet of the children 12 years of age and younger by providing you with:

  • Training Sessions
  • Newsletters
  • Recipes and Meal Planning Ideas


...for the children
Meals are served that meet USDA nutrition requirements; these meals not only help the child learn and grow today but also help the child learn eating principals that will help them achieve their fullest potential in the future.

...for the parents
Parents are assured that their child(ren) receive high quality meals and no extra cost to them.

...for the provider
Providers can afford to furnish higher quality meals to children in care without straining other program resources.

...for the community
In helping to meet the total nutritional needs of young children in out-of-home settings, the CCFP results in significant enrichment and improvement of the quality of child care provided communities.

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